Monday, February 16, 2009

Andy Piedilato at English Kills Art Gallery

I've been looking at Andy Piedilato's work online for a few weeks. I decided I just HAD to get over to see them in person at English Kills Art Gallery. (And by the way you can too. They told me they are extending the show one more week so hurry, hurry.) Anyway, so often when you finally see the work in person it's missing something. But not this time. This work kicks ass. It's also awesomely installed. English Kills Art Gallery is a fantastic space for these paintings. The texture and workings of the building (ie. pipes and whatnot) interact with the pieces and really bring the whole place into the picture plane. I'm showing you lots of up close detail shots because you can see great images of the whole paintings at Piedilato's website. But do yourself a favor and go see them yourself.