Friday, July 5, 2013

4th of July Run

The fireworks in front of the Art Museum were a lot more dramatic than we expected this year.  Unfortunately it wasn't the actual fireworks but the stampede that was memorable.  We missed the grand finale, lost 3 chairs and a sweatshirt, but didn't step on anyone or get stepped on.  Olivia and I did get separated from Matt.  Cell phones were down of course and we finally got back together at the car.  This morning there is almost no reporting on the event.  NBC seems to be the only coverage and they are saying that someone fired a BB gun into a crowd and started the stampede.  But they aren't commenting on who was hurt.  There were at least 7 little kids on the blanket behind us and dozens in the near vicinity.   We saw a lot of lost people on our way to the car.  It's amazing to experience something so dangerous and not have any mention of it in the press.

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