Monday, October 7, 2013

Juvenile Night Heron

Friday I got hit by a woman who was too busy texting to drive.  My car doesn't even seem to have a scratch on it but I got a bit of a concussion.  I also got a night off work which I didn't enjoy thanks to the dizzy, nauseous feeling.  But the doctor said it would be fine to go on my Cape May trip on Saturday I just had to talk Kim into driving me.  (Thank you Kim!)  She dragged me a bit reluctantly to Cape May Point State Park where we had a fabulous time and came upon this Juvenile Night Heron (black crowned, I believe) hanging out right near the bridge.  And finally a bird sits close enough for my 200mm lens.  You can even see the nictitating membrane at work, half closed in the fourth photo and fully closed in the last.

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