Monday, April 7, 2014

In the Slough

There always seems to be something moving in the swamp and generally it's something you can't see.  It creates a delicious kind of fear which would not be fun at all if not for the boardwalk and other visitors.  (I am NOT a Haunted House fan.)  I've been thinking a lot about my early experiences with wilderness which basically included being told to stay out of the woods to avoid danger.  As well as things I saw on TV including a particularly dramatic episode of Little House on the Prairie in which the cry and flight of birds were part of a rape scene.  In fact the birds were the rape scene which was only alluded to and not actually depicted.  Now as an adult, at least in my own woods, I am more and more aware of the cause of the sounds I hear in the woods.  But lets just say that I was not aware of the source of all the sounds in these swamps.

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