Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Expressive Little Owls

While Matt was away at a meeting I drove out on my own to Marco Island, Florida.  My mission was to find a Burrowing Owl.  I found one intersection online with lots of indication that the nests were both prevalent and surrounded by caution tape.  My initial nest came up empty and I felt a bit conspicuous standing around a quiet neighborhood with my 300mm zoom lens.  So after a short wait I got back in the car planning to find a rest room and then return to scout the nest.  I turned the block and found two nests!  Both had owls hanging out.  I took many photos of both and decided to drive to Tigertail Beach.  On the way to the beach I encountered two more nests.  The above photos are of three different owls.  Each seemed to have his own character.  The last appears to be making up for his small stature with a very intense glare.  I'm pretty sure he was saying "Piss off." 

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