Friday, April 5, 2013

New Start

After half a day of impossible anticipation my new camera arrived at 11:57am weighing 7.3lbs.  Well okay that's the weight of the box with it's extras but don't be surprised if I send out announcements for my new gender neutral baby.  The UPS guy faked me out around 9am when he stealthily dropped off my new bank card without hanging around to explain where my camera was and if it was really coming.  I nearly passed out.  Having been without a bank card for several days you'd think I would have been happy to have it.  But I just tossed it aside.  Despondent.  Seriously.  When he came back around noon the UPS guy explained that the card had to be delivered by 10am and the camera was too hard to get to at that time.  I forgave him.  But only because I was too distracted by my new box to care.  So at long last these are a few new photos (test photos if you will) from my new camera.  The spectacular thing about them is that they were taken with ISO 3200.  A setting my D80 didn't even have. 

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