Thursday, April 18, 2013


The warblers are arriving and I'm still waiting for the broken lens B&H sent me to be exchanged for a functioning one.  I am not a fan of their exchange policy.  Seems obvious to me now that it would have been better to just send it back and order the lens from someone else.  They seem to feel no pressure to hurry it up.  A three day wait (after they get the one I sent back) before they replace defective merchandise.  ARGH.  I called today to state my point of view, essentially that I paid for the lens and have gotten nothing but aggravation and lost shooting days.  Alas, the representative was not moved.  Keeping my fingers crossed that it actually goes out tomorrow.  But I am customer unsatisfied.  In the mean time I've been doing what I can with the short lens. 

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