Saturday, March 3, 2012

Southeast Regional National History Day Competition

Olivia and the Galileo project waiting for the National History Day regional competition to begin.

This guy was in the hallway of the school in a tank labeled "Leopard Lizard."

Another Leopard Lizard in the same tank.

He was so cool I forgot to look at his tag.

His tank said something about "Rainbow" but I don't remember the rest.

Olivia and Emily after they knew they were going to win something but before they knew it was second place!!  (Olivia dressed for her upcoming colorguard competition.)
We spent the first half of the day at Immaculata University for the Southeast Regional National History Day Competition.  Olivia and Emily got to present all their hard work to the judges who were impressed enough to award them second place.  I guess that means I get to sit in another hallway for hours at the State competition.  Ha.  But seriously, it was nice to see all their hard work pay off.  Olivia didn't get to hang around for the awards because she had a colorguard competition (luckily nearby in West Chester) which is where we got to spend the second part of the day.  While we were waiting to find out if we could take Galileo with us I discovered lizards lining the hallway.   

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